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NIMAC Programs


Assalat, a form of Dhikr ( Remembrance of Allah and his prophet in form of praise worship) is one of our flagship programs in NIMAC. Our inagural Assalat took place on 16th July 2017 and the subsequent ones are held on fornight sundays  at our usual gathering place at st Peter's Centre. 

The event  is being led and conducted every two weeks by two Islamic scholars usually lasts for couple of hours before lectures are delivered by the scholars. Towards the end of the program, prayers are offered for the members, their families and Muslims all over the world for peace, unity and prosperity. The program ends with entertainment of members and kids.

Please join us at our next Assalat program to experience a power packed zikr, sermons, prayers, blessings and entertainments.


Dua Request 

If you feel you need a special prayer or dua, we have dedicated and prayer warrior Alfas who are steadfast in making supplication to Allah.

Kindly send in your prayer request anonymously through the button below and your request will be forwarded to the Alfas 

This free service can be used by NIMAC members and non members. May the Almighty God accepts all our prayers and bless us all.

Eids Celebrations

Eid celebration is one of the sunnah of our prophet (S.A.W). Muslims were encouraged to celebrate and felicitate during the festive period. 

At NIMAC, we observed the Eid Al-Adh-ha prayer on Friday September 1st in the popular park at Heath Crescent, Stoke Heath, along with other muslim ummah in Coventry. It was the first prayer for us in NIMAC and most members attended the event with their family.

On the 2nd of September, we continued the Eid celebration with our first Eid party. Christian friends and families were invited to celebrate with us at Stoke heath Community Centre. The event was a  success and much talked about by Nigerian Community in Coventry.


Mosque & Modrasat Projects

One of the objectives of NIMAC is to establish the first Nigerian Mosque and Modrasat here in Coventry. Having our own mosque will enable us to observe prayers together in congregation more regularly in a similar way it's being observed back in Nigeria.


The Modrasat will cater for our children need as well as leaning Islamic, religious and moral activities in an organised way from great Islamic scholars in our midst. Discipline will be our watch word at the modrasat and will be incorporated into the children learning curriculum.


We have already formed a committee to work on the mosque project. We kindly solicit for everyone support in achieving this aim and for those who are interested in our programme but yet to join us, please contact us for details


Women Forum Programs

Our Women Forum Committee is being created to cater for the needs and aspiration of women in NIMAC particuparly the pregnant women as well as children organisation and entertainment during Assalat and other NIMAC events.




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