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Nigerian Muslims Association in Coventry (NIMAC) is a charity, non-governmental, non-profit making organisation founded to cater for wellbeing and spiritual needs of Nigerian Muslims in Coventry, UK.




The main objective of NIMAC is to cater for religious needs, unity and aspiration of Nigerian Muslims community in Coventry. It is unfortunate that before the birth of NIMAC, Nigerian Muslims in Coventry were not united. We only knew each other on one-to-one or family-to-family basis.


There was no means of gathering together to discuss and deliberate on religious issues. There were also no means of worship together. Therefore, the aims and objectives of the organisation are:


  1. Unity among Nigerian Muslim.

  2. Gathering together in form of Asalat, Dawah and Taleem

  3. Establishing Nigerian Muslim Centres in Coventry and Nuneaton

  4. Establishing Modrasat or religious learning activities for children

  5. Welfare programs for adults especially new mothers

  6. Organising Eid get-to-together and children holiday visits

  7.  Organising Dawah and Kids Entertainment Week


Following the establishment of NIMAC, we have been able to achieve the followings within the short period:

  1. Unity and sense of belonging among Nigerian Muslims living in Coventry and the neighbouring towns.

  2. We have started to gather together every two weeks to worship and offer prayers in congregation.

  3. We have also been having Asalat, a form of praise worship on fortnight Sundays at St. Peters Centres in Hill filed.

  4. We have been organising children programs for our littles ones. They all meet to learn about God, eat, drink and play together.

  5. Lastly, we had Eid prayer together in congregation  and this Eid celebration party was achieved and we do wish to continue on this success.


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